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November 8, 2006

Paddlesports Quick Physics – by Clyde Winter

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A series of short articles discussing helpful technical concepts and dispelling common misconceptions. They’re applicable to whatever and wherever you’re paddling, and intended to increase your fun and proficiency.

In sorrow for and memory of those watersheds that have been and are being violated …
In gratitude to those who are helping us leave a cleaner wake …
In hopes that we will learn and act before it’s too late …
These notes are for all who love and respect the water.

The articles in this series are written, published, and copyright by Clyde Winter, canoeist, kayaker, and U.S. merchant mariner (Master and Chief Engineer of inspected motor vessels up to 1600 gross tons on any waters).

The Table of Contents that follows has direct hyperlinks to each article.
Click on the chapter title, and the article will appear in front of you.

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