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April 1, 2007

Wisconsin Schools Oppose Random Drug Testing

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I’ve come across important information from other Wisconsin communities relevant to Part 1 and Part 2 of my series spotlighting the current proposal to impose random drug testing (by supervised urine collection) on students at Cedarburg High School. Here ’tis:

Just TAKE A LOOK at this 2 page, very simple handout presented by the Drug Policy Alliance in Wisconsin at the Student Drug Testing Summit last year. It contains a very brief summary of the experience of other school districts in Wisconsin which have considered, and maybe even started doing it, and then REJECTED random drug testing of students.

All I’ve heard from our Cedarburg School Board, Administration, and then our own local “news reporters” is that Pewaukee has started random drug testing, and they just LOVE it. (Does it surprise ANYONE that administrators would institute a policy – any policy – and then enthusiastically endorse and defend it? Or that they would bring out a “happy camper” or two to say, “Shucks, it isn’t as bad as I thought. My girl or boy doesn’t mind peeing in a bottle on demand in order to play ball, or chess, or French horn, and avoid sticking out like a sore thumb by protesting.”) It would be appropriate for our Board, Superintendent, and news reporters, to do just a tiny bit of scratching beneath that surface.

It is absolutely irresponsible of our Board members, Administrators, and local news reporters, to fail to mention Oconomowoc, Janesville, Sheboygan, Wausau, and other school districts, when they tout Pewaukee as the example our community is intended to follow.

Isn’t anybody gonna lift a finger to stop this before it gets off the ground? If the School Board doesn’t immediately drop this proposal like the hot potato it is, we should hold a full Public Hearing in Cedarburg, open to all members of the community, INCLUDING students, to throw full light on this latest surge in a failing strategy of the War on Drugs.

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  1. Thanks, Clyde. Let’s hope Dan Carr gets a seat on the board. His participation could help reverse the “off-the top-of-their heads” MO that has been plaguing the district over the past several years.

    Comment by Dorothy B — March 30, 2007 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

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