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August 31, 2013

Whose Government Is It?

Corporations and the super-rich now control both political parties, and all three branches of government in the USA, both state and federal. The two parties have established and enforced rules and legislation, which give them an exclusive monopoly, but which also prevents the people from obtaining government that represents and serves us best, even though we the people should be sovereign in a democratic republic. The two party lock permits complete corporate control of government simply because all that extremely rich and powerful corporations and individuals (and their associations) have to do is control those two parties. And that is exactly what they do.

This corporate control has been enabled by unjustified and unjustifiable legal doctrine that has corrupted the Constitution and perverted our government through certain supreme Court declarations beginning back in the 19th Century, and continuing through the 21st, which falsely assert that:

• The people’s representatives in Congress, the state legislatures, the courts, and we ourselves, cannot regulate the corporations our government has chartered, because corporations unaccountably possess the rights that were defined clearly and explicitly by the Constitution as unalienable rights that belong only to human beings; and –

• Unlimited expenditures of money that is “donated” to the two political parties, and to candidates for public office, and to fund election and referendum campaigns, and for lavish “lobbying” regarding government policy, legislation, regulations, actions, and decisions, cannot be prohibited or even regulated by law as corruption, improper influence and bribery, but instead is unaccountably protected as though it were “free speech”.

This is how the inherent rights of the people – as well as the carefully defined responsibilities of what should be our elected, constitutional, democratic republican government – have been increasingly usurped and violated by unbridled autocratic corporate power.

We need a solution to government that refuses to serve the people and the purposes set forth in the preamble to our Constitution. But the solution is not to disdain democracy, and to ignore or participate in attacks that simply weaken and cripple our government, while further compromising the rights and the power of the people. That will only create a vacuum, which will be promptly filled by even more autocratic corporate power. And that will even further hamper the ability of the people to chart our own course, “form a more perfect union”, and fashion our future.

If you think that democracy and our own elected U.S. government is the problem, learn from history, and think what life is like under an aristocracy and trans-national corporate rule! We need government that is of, by, and for the people – not government that is by and for the corporations and the super-rich. A corrupted supreme Court, acting to strengthen corporate power over the people and our planet, shall not be allowed to negate and trample on the words and the intent of our U.S. Constitution, the inherent, unalienable rights of the people, and the future of life on Earth.

by amending the U.S. Constitution* to make clear that corporations do not have the Constitutional rights of a person, and that money that is used to influence government policies, actions, and officials, or political parties or elections,can be regulated

https://clydewinter.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/constitutional-amendment/ *


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