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March 11, 2014

Fair Representation of the People in a Real Democratic Republic

Instead of the absolutely corrupted election process that has evolved in Wisconsin and the nation, selection of state and federal legislators by lottery from among qualified electors would far better serve our state and country. Lottery selection would not necessarily give us legislators with more money and formal education than the bunch that currently afflict us, but they would certainly not be so arrogant, nor would they be already bought and paid for by the outrageous, illegitimate system of legalized bribery and chicanery that the U.S. Supreme Court has imposed on us and our government. And there are other stellar advantages of selecting public office holders by lottery.

Lottery selection from among all qualified electors for that office would undeniably give us a far more representative democratic republic. Lottery selection would make such public service actually and equally accessible to every citizen – even citizens who are independent thinking, quiet, and possessed of real integrity, humility, and honesty – the kind of people who are woefully under-represented in public office under the present regime. Lottery selection would mean that two political parties, both of which are controlled by huge corporations and the super-rich, would no longer have an iron grip controlling citizen access to, and influence with, government officials.

Real democracy does not necessarily mean that elections must be held for public offices. Real democracy simply requires that the people’s inalienable rights are guaranteed, and that the people are sovereign. Representative democracy requires that the people’s representatives be fairly and impartially selected to serve the people, from among the people, with equal opportunity for all. A lottery does that.

No more interminable election campaigns, filled with meaningless, knee-jerk provoking sound-bites, scurrilous attack ads, and constant, ominous, provocative, slick, misleading messages that are gladly financed by anonymous corporations and the rich.
No more rancorous, divisive, useless, increasingly irritating election campaign seasons that ignore 95 percent of us because (like most people) we happen to live in a gerrymandered district, or in a state that is not a “battleground state”, one of the many that is conceded, during a Presidential election, to one or the other of the two permitted political parties.
No more legislatures and capital cities crammed full of lobbyists and campaign “donors” – hundreds for each elected official – there to collect their pounds of flesh, or their tons of subsidies, to pocket an outrageous, fabulous return-on-investment, paid for by us suckers.
If legislators (and the two parties which now own them) are no longer preoccupied with financing election campaigns, maybe they’ll start doing the people’s work, instead of doing the bidding of their party officials and “returning the favor” to deep-pockets “contributors”.

What would it be like to live in a real democratic republic? In our lifetimes, we have never experienced it. We need government that is truly of, by, and for the people – not government that is by and for the corporations and the super-rich – and their henchmen. And we all know that it has gotten far worse in the last several decades, and is worsening. Have you stopped laughing yet? Well, think about it. How else are we going to stop this election charade and manipulation, and end corporate control of what should be our government? How else are we going to win democracy and save life as we know it on this planet?



  1. Really good article – agreed

    Comment by Marjit T. — March 11, 2014 @ 9:01 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks, Clyde. I thank you and the Random Party thanks you.
    It’s a hard sell, though. Humanity has become quite addicted to the concept of “royal blood”, even if that blood is filled with lobbyists’ cocaine.
    Without election vetting of blue blood from the riff raff, how would Wisconsin’s car dealers and road construction crooks know who to bribe?

    Comment by Dan C. — March 11, 2014 @ 10:33 pm | Reply

  3. A fascinating argument Clyde! It damn sure beats the hell out of this charade we call democratic elections.

    Comment by Mehran I. — March 13, 2014 @ 2:03 pm | Reply

    • A lottery selection would produce a better team of legislators, far more able and willing to work together to solve our very real problems, than the current corrupt corporate controlled two-party system can possibly provide. And there is a big and important difference between a government whose traces are hitched, without recourse, to unrestricted legalized bribery, compared to a real democracy which merely has to prevent, detect, and arrest bribery which is no longer legal.

      Bribery and corruption may still take place if it becomes illegal, and is punished severely. But a good case cannot be made that since (for example) murder (or theft, or rape) will likely continue to take place even though it is illegal and punished, that therefore murder (or theft, or rape) should not be illegal and punished.

      Selection of public officials by lottery, instead of by elections, would slam the brakes on today’s systemic, dominating political corruption of all three branches of government which has been made frustratingly “legal” by unjustified and unjustifiable Supreme Court rulings which have asserted that corporations have the inalienable Constitutional rights of the people, and that unlimited huge financial “donations” to election campaigns and to both political parties, cannot be prohibited or regulated because they are Constitutionally protected as though they were “speech”.

      While legalized bribery would no longer exist if public officials were selected by lottery from qualified citizens, political parties could certainly still exist. But the purpose of political parties would then primarily be civic education on issues of the day. No longer would two – and only two – political parties be the instruments of corporate control over the political process and government. No longer would two political parties be the gatekeepers restricting access and influence over government to their high-roller “donors”.

      A corporation is NOT a person. Money is NOT speech.

      Comment by clydewinter — March 13, 2014 @ 3:03 pm | Reply

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