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November 10, 2018

Declaration of Independence from Corporate Rule

The United States government was established as a democratic republic by an armed revolution against a monarchy, its enabling and privileged aristocracy, and their powerful, far-reaching chartered companies.  It was founded as a national government, which promised that “the people” are sovereign and that each “person” possesses equal, inherent, unalienable rights. Our rights, and the rule of the people over things, which are properly in our jurisdiction, including our own government, are exercised within parameters that are described by the Constitution.  It was far from perfect, but it was a great and important step in the right direction. 

Careful examination reveals that there can be no doubt that the U.S. Constitution itself establishes that a corporation is NOT a ‘Person’ as that word is used throughout the Constitution, and that a corporation most certainly does not have any of the inherent unalienable rights of a “person”, some of which are specifically outlined in the Constitution.  The dual legal doctrine that corporations (a) have the Constitutional rights of a “person”, and (b) also are not obliged to respect the Constitutional rights of a (real) “person”, directly contradicts the U.S. Constitution. This bogus doctrine is absolutely unjustified and unjustifiable. This doctrine; this direct violation of the basic principles inherent in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, represents a counter-revolution – a reversion to the very same conditions and relationships, which made the American Revolution necessary and compelling two and a half centuries ago. In the United States, chartered companies (aka corporations) have always been, and should now be subservient to the Congress and the states, which in turn are governed by the Constitution and the sovereign power of the people. (See References, below.)

However, beginning in the 19th century, and increasingly through the present, corporate power, aided by a corrupt and escalating judicial coup d’etat, has usurped the sovereignty and the rights of the people, as well as the critical duties and responsibilities of government, and has also routinely denied, suppressed, and violated the people’s rights with outrageous impunity.  Corporations have arrogantly written laws and regulations, exercised police and war powers, rationed health care, and operated prisons, public education, and governing and regulatory bodies.  Corporate power has negated self-governance, is replacing the principle of trial by jury with the proliferation of mandatory private arbitration tribunals, has deployed with impunity lethal force against the people, and is preventing government and the people from protecting public health, welfare, and safety.  Corporations have disrupted and distracted the deliberations and responsibilities of public officials including judges, law officers, legislators, and administrators.  The corporate form has thoroughly corrupted and misappropriated the means of democratic self-governance, including political associations and the election process.  This long train of abuses and usurpations has resulted in both permitted political parties, all branches of state and federal government, the mass media, and much more, to be now in the virtually exclusive grasp of corporations and the super-rich.  We do not have government that is by and for the people.  Instead, we have intolerable corporate government over the people.

In effect, the people are not now the sovereign power in the United States of America.  And the unalienable inherent rights of the people have been compromised, abrogated, denied, and usurped by corporate power, which has stripped from the people our sovereignty, our rights, and democracy itself.  Corporate rule threatens our lives and our future; and it threatens the ability of our planet to continue to sustain life as we know it.  Due to the unbridled exercise and excesses of corporate power and extreme accumulated wealth, we the people have become unable to govern and properly care for ourselves, our families, our planet, and our future, while living in justice and peace with other people on this planet and in harmony with life as we know it.

The actions and privileges of corporations must be bounded by the charter which authorizes them, in compliance with laws enacted by Congress and the states.  Corporations do NOT legitimately possess the Constitutional status or the rights of a “person” and may NOT infringe, abridge or deny the inherent rights of a person, or the ability of nature to sustain life.


[first posted on Independence Day and Juneteenth, 2014 – revised for Armistice Day, 2017, and again for Memorial Day and Armistice Day, 2018]


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