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(Early 21st century essays published in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin)

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Note:  This Table of Contents has not been kept current, and although many essays have been posted on this blog in the years subsequent to spring, 2009, no additions to this Table of Contents have been made since then.  The categories listed on the drop-down on the right side of the home page, or of individual posts, may be scanned and clicked on by an inquiring reader looking for a particular topic.  Or the titles and introductions for all posted essays, stacked in reverse chronological order on the home page, may be scanned to find a relevant essay.  Thank you for your interest.  Comments regarding posted essays will be much appreciated, and will be approved for posting provided they are germane to the topic discussed, and are not in the form of a personal attack, and are suitable for reading by persons of any age.

Solomon’s Dilemma and the 2009 Judicial Elections (April 7 in Wisconsin and Ozaukee County)

Ozaukee and Washington County Election Results (What a hoot!)

Choice for a Change – a Change that is Necessary (Why I am running for office)

History Ignored by Shepherd Express (There are 9 contested races, not 8, in the Wisconsin state senate)

Support the Troops – GungHo! means “work together” (candidates for President and for Congress)

Choice for A Change in Ozaukee and Washington counties (elections for state legislature)

Independence, Self-Defense, and Community
(security and concealed carry)

How Wisconsin Legislators Voted on Ending Legalized Bribery (and the local scoop du jour)

Support the Troops and the New G.I. Bill (chickenhawks in Congress outed)

Stop-Loss to Save Both Wisconsin Farms and Wetlands (Correct this mistake, don’t ignore it)

Supremely … Dysfunctional (another batter takes a swing and a miss at justice)

3 Up, 3 Down – Ozaukee County Softball (so, you want to continue occupying Iraq?)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Elections – from Past to Future (learn lesson B4 2 l-8)

Louis Butler v. Michael Gableman, or Truth v. Fiction (marketing the Wisconsin Supreme Court)

Appalling Votes of Glenn Grothman (A partial record of the 2007-08 legislative session)

Coming Home, When It’s Over, Over There (Recognize victory in Iraq and end the occupation now)

Power to the Voter (Preventing both the perception and the reality of judicial corruption)

Election Fraud or Voter Fraud – Which Threatens YOUR Vote? (Take care of a real problem, or follow another red herring)

Good News for a Good Year – from Afar and from Wisconsin (A positive parable, and Cedarburg schools drug testing decision)

Pay for Elections – Low Cost and Up-Front, or High Cost and Under-the-Table? (Sid learns that frozen fingers ain’t sticky fingers)

Bare Essentials of the Health Care Crisis Rx (Don’t let red herring PR and political corruption fool and distract you!)

Wisconsin Legislature Protects Rights of Victims of Violent Crime
(Politicians can’t hide from all of the people, all of the time)

Mandatory Random Drug Testing Rejected by Cedarburg School District (Is there any news that is not opinion?)

The U.S. Constitution Can’t Defend Itself (Impeachment is not a crisis – it is the remedy for one)

Welcome, Stranger, to new Grafton, Wisconsin (American Blues and the black walnut)

Christopher Columbus’ Firsts
(rapturing heathens for gold and the right to bear arms)

Assembly Fails to Protect the Rights of Victims of Violent Crime (caught between a wedge and a slip on a slope)

The Madness Must End (September 2002 and the sequel five years later) (woe and keening in Iraq)

The State Assembly Runs the Budget Ball the Wrong Way
(shortchanging the people)

Big Bucks Talk and Health Care Walkspart I and part II (will we cut off our nose to spite our face?)

Compassion for the Victims of Sexual Assault (highlighting the halo of hubris)

Putting the Cart Before the Horse (establishing school district policy in reverse)

Trying to Suppress Substance Abuse by Intimidation (to pee or not to pee is the question)

Paying for Health Care but Not Getting It (throttling care without cutting costs)

Cedarburg School Board Election Post Mortem (it’s how you count ’em that counts)

Cedarburg School District May Test for Drugs Without Cause (part 2, see if trickle up works)

Wisconsin Schools Oppose Random Drug Testing (they don’t like it either)

Cedarburg’s Lone Ranger vs the Three Musketeers (school board election)

End the Occupation of Iraq Now (the war was won in 2003; end this occupation now)

Emergency Contraception for Victims of Rape (you’re the victim, it’s your problem)

War on Drugs Surges to Cedarburg High School (part 1, facing into the wind)

Health Care Crisis Solution (rascals want us to think like this)

Thanks, Molly Ivins
(A salute to the best)

Gratitude Owed the Deep South (Katrina awakened U.S.)

The People’s Choice (giving thanks this November)

October Surprise (public forum discussions and something you didn’t expect)

Vote NO, NO, NO in NOvember (cost of war and election questions)

A Clear and Present Danger on the Alaska Peninsula (metallic sulfide mining)

Government of, by, and for Fat Cats (bribery masked as campaign donations)

Dealing Death off the Bottom of the Deck (uprooting traditional values)

Proportion in Sentencing (war on drugs = class war, culture war, generation war)

Beneath the Stars of Spring (race hate crime in Ozaukee County)

Wetlands Protection on the Farm (shame on you if you do as the guvmint wants)

Mea Culpa (mistake drives home the point on perpetual war)

Call the War Question (Ozaukee county to vote on perpetual war)

Cheney Visits Chappaquiddick (implicated in a leak, Dick takes errant aim)

Pulling Ourselves up by Our Own Bootstraps (a new start for a New Year)

Marriage Means Love Ye One Another (defining marriage or enshrining bigotry?)

Fixing the Coop or Covering up the Raids? (ethics, elections, and campaign finance)

Need a Lawyer? Why Not Get a Judge? (a Supreme Court vacancy)

Washington, D.C. – America at the Crossroads (the people decide about war)

A History Lesson Learned the Easy Way (politicians decide about war)

Social Engineering for Wealth (income disparity caused by tax policy)

We, the People vs. Them, the Power Company (a local judge fails his oath)

With Respect to Fallibility (taxes, war, privatization, and the court)

Nonsense‘n‘nobrainer: Questions of our Congressman (bogus annual survey)

The Feral Cat Tracks a Red Herring (Conservation Congress spring hearing)

Art and Disparity in Prison (the race myth and racial disparity in prison)

The Kings Rook Social Security Gambit (Social Security, Part II)

The Piratical Heirs of Ebenezer (Social Security, Part I)

An Election Tale of Two Cities (voting in the city vs. voting in the suburbs)

Examining an Inquest (the coroner, the DA and Matthew Sheridan)

Programming People for the Election (truth, chicken hawks, and terror)

Save Lasata Care Center (local services threatened by federal policies)
R.I.P. Matthew Sheridan (a young man is killed by the police)

Courage in the Storm (learning to confront fear)

Changing the Rules During the Game (ambiance and green space vs. the farmer)

A Golden Anniversary (national essay contest winner commemorates Brown v. Board)

The Appearance of A Rock (a metaphoric moment in a canoe)

A Moment of Tele-Truth (comparing Dubya and Dukakis)

Saving A Buck on Tolls and Taxes (the luxury SUV tax write-off, Illinois tolls)

Counting our Wintry Blessings (the beauty of the season)

Saving the Endangered Wolf River (this essay is missing)

Appraising our Pipeline Futures (eminent domain in the 21st century)

Environmentalists vs. Hunters?… Not Again! (the Sierra Club hunter)

Letter from a Cedarburg Farm (discrimination and the NAACP)

Talking Turkey with Sid D. Complex (justifications for invading Iraq)

A Ten Letter Acronym That Stands For Tyranny (USAPATRIOT Act)

Saving the Farm – with Use Value Assessment (counter-productive tax policy)

Observing a Quiet, Not Quite Silent Spring (how the land used to be)

Have We Got a Tax Cut for You! (who benefits from tax cuts, and how it works)

A Message for the Media (television and the human brain)

Winning Less Expensive, Better Quality Health Care for U.S. (part II)

Cost, Quality, and Choice in Health Care in the U.S. (part I)

Importing Destruction, Trashing Freedom (freedom and security vs profits)

Fair Game and Good Hunting (gun rights, hunting, environmentalism, and CWD)

To Preserve and Savor the Fruits of Harvest (harvest skills and a true patriot)

The Madness Must End (history of terrorism in America; war based on lies)

Buy Back the Stolen Land (metal sulfide mining and the Ojibwa reservation)

Uncontested Elections Do Us a Disservice

The Estate Tax Scam (how the super rich pay no tax at all)

Hitch Your Wagon To A Star (light pollution and corporate welfare)

21st Century Bite of the Gold Bug (high-tech threats of minerals extraction)

Paddlesports Quick Physics (five articles about paddling canoe or kayak)


  1. Wow! These are GREAT articles which I wish were carried in our local papers here. Your statistics and references really add power to your arguments.

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you send me copies of your future articles as well? Have you considered submitting them for reproduction online at FightingBob.com? Your topics would be right up their alley. All the articles you sent would be of interest to them, and they frequently get permission to reprint articles which have appeared in local Wisconsin newspapers. It would be shame if more people couldn’t read your detailed information.

    Would it be all right to print and hand out copies at local meetings here? We’ve formed a new alliance called the Progressive Action Coalition, to bring together people from a variety of progressive groups to share information on these kinds of issues, and to plan joint actions to address the issues. We hope to educate each other and create more power through consolidation and sharing. So far, we meet once a month and we’ve created a new listserve to broadcast key information and notices of meetings where we need good turnouts.

    Again, your articles are a treasure which should be shared!

    Comment by Rebecca — February 12, 2007 @ 6:25 pm | Reply

  2. Note from the author:

    I have placed a number of comments made to me by email about these essays on this blog.
    I have not censored or selected these comments, any more than I have selected or censored comments posted directly here by readers (except to remove spam, and personal or unrelated portions).

    It’s easier for both of us if readers comment using the space at the end of each article.
    I will honor requests for anonymity, or that I not post part or all of your comment.
    I post only the first name and last initial with your comments.

    Comment by Clyde — March 23, 2007 @ 9:01 am | Reply

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