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August 6, 2008

Choice for A Change in Ozaukee and Washington counties

The Wisconsin state legislature will have many contested elections in November. Three out of four Assembly seats will have more than one name on the ballot and be worth voting in, and nine of the 16 state senate seats listed in the general election will have more than one name on the ballot. In particular, the counties of Ozaukee and Washington, long dominated by the Republican Party (and long conceded by the state Democratic Party) have a unique and historic campaign season and election ahead. Fully SIX of the state legislature seats currently occupied by The Ruling Party in Ozaukee and Washington counties are being challenged in the general election. We haven’t had this kind of choice for generations. This is more than merely newsworthy. It is historic. What is fueling this upset of the status quo?

Sheldon Wasserman (Dem) is challenging Alberta Darling (Rep) for senate district 8, representing Mequon-Thiensville of Ozaukee County and northern parts of Milwaukee County.
Clyde Winter (Ind) is challenging Glenn Grothman (Rep) for senate district 20 representing the rest of Ozaukee, most of Washington, the southern half of Sheboygan, and portions of Fond du Lac and Dodge counties.
Perry Duman (Dem) is challenging Mark Gottlieb (Rep) for assembly district 60 representing most of southern Ozaukee County and a corner of Washington county.
Dr. Rene’ Settle-Robinson (Dem) is challenging James Ott (Rep) for assembly district 23 representing the Mequon-Thiensville area of Ozaukee County, and portions of northern Milwaukee County.
Greg Dombro (Ind) is challenging Pat Strachota (Rep) for assembly district 58 representing the center of Washington county including West Bend.
Charlene Brady won the primary and will contest for soon-to-be open assembly district 24 representing southeastern Washington county.
Here’s a quick, close look at one of these grassroots challengers:

CLYDE WINTER, IndependentCHOICE for A CHANGE– state senate dist. 20
U.S. Army Airborne veteran, B.A. mathematics-U. of California, married, ancestors moved to Cedarburg in 1848, seaman and merchant marine officer, free-lance journalist.

Here is challenger Clyde Winter’s position statement, followed by the incumbent’s voting record:


All people, of all ages, need health care to achieve, maintain, and (if necessary) restore health.
Health insurance is not health care. The problems with the health care system and the tragedies that result cannot be corrected with the current health insurance apparatus, which has a stranglehold on our health care.

Allowing corporate gatekeepers to control access to health care does not save us money. It costs us all money – and it harms our health and our economy. Health care costs in the USA are twice the average of other industrialized countries that have better measured health care outcomes. The way our health care system is administered is making us play Russian roulette with our family’s health and our future. Health care should have nothing to do with where you are employed or what an employer chooses to provide. Your health care should be based on your medical condition, not on your financial condition, and not by the fine print in a policy.

It is only when someone in your family gets badly injured or seriously ill that you begin to learn what is covered and what isn’t. If the injury or illness happens to someone who is the source of family income and medical insurance, that family may lose both employment income and insurance. In a matter of weeks or months, a proud, happy, hard working, self-sufficient family can join the ranks of the destitute “deadbeats”.

End-of-life hospice care is now being offered (and provided!) in the USA to people who are financially forced to “choose” it, even though medical treatment would be appropriate. What could be more immoral?

Universal comprehensive single-payer health care provides better health care to all, at lower cost to all.

It’s about values – marketplace values and the value of certain investments,
versus – human values, family values, moral values, and the value of life itself.

Hearts and Minds (health care crisis)
Physicians for a National Health Program
Health Care – Now
Wisconsin Health Security Act
Healthy Wisconsin
The Business Coalition


Huge “campaign contributions”, phony “issue ads”, and “donations” to political parties from corporations and lobbyists are destroying what democracy we have left. This kind of money does not come to the two parties without the expectation of removal of regulations protecting the people, and of huge returns on investment.

The subsidies, special tax exemptions and loopholes, corporate welfare, removal of watchdog oversight, and extravagant contracts that just happen to find their way into bills and regulations, and that just happen to favor the big campaign contributors, cost us taxpayers roughly a thousand times as much as it would cost to directly finance the elections. We are all, already paying indirectly for this corrupt “campaign finance” charade right now, but we are paying billions, rather than the millions we would be paying if we paid for it directly through public financing. We can pay much less up front, or we can pay much more (as we are now) for under-the-table deals and deregulation. I support Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s “Power to the Voter” reform program.

Hearts and Minds (legalized bribery)
Public Campaign
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
Wisconsin Clean Elections Coalition
Institute for One Wisconsin
Institute for Wisconsin’s Future

COST of LIVING and TAX RELIEF for Working Families, Homeowners, and Renters:

Why do we all feel that taxes have increased higher than we can bear, at the same time that roads and infrastructure are neglected, schools are losing programs that we once felt were necessary, the safety net has been shredded, and basic homeland security services like fire and police training, equipment, and staffing are being starved? Why have taxes become an insufferable burden while government at all levels is unable to provide services we once needed and enjoyed, and is sweeping mounting deficits under the rug?

(1) The share of income that the “bottom” 90 percent of Americans is getting has fallen way behind both their increase in productivity and the wealth increase of the richest one-tenth of one percent. The gap in wealth and income between the super-rich and all the rest of us has been greatly widening and deepening for the last 35 years, while the per capita, corrected for inflation income of 90 percent of the American people has been decreasing over that period of time.
(2) The tax burden has been steadily and increasingly shifted. Property taxes have been shifted, little by little, more and more, onto the backs of homeowners and renters. Income taxes have been shifted, little by little, more and more, onto the earned income of employees, self-employed workers, and small businesses.

It’s happening because lobbyists have been writing the proposed tax codes and laws, and elected officials of both major parties have been rubber-stamping them. This attack on people must be reversed, and legislators must reverse those burdensome tax policies.

Hearts and Mindshttps://clydewinter.wordpress.com/2006/08/06/social-engineering-for-wealth/
Institute for Wisconsin’s Futurehttp://www.wisconsinsfuture.org/publications/taxes/index.htm

PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR ALL is a Right and is Our Legacy for the Future:

Previous generations of Americans established, built and steadily improved our pre-schools, public schools, technical colleges, and universities, and paid the direct cost of our education, as an investment in the future. The tuition my generation paid for public universities and colleges was nominal, and employment was available then for students that paid enough (with good health insurance!) to allow a prudent, hard-working, capable student from a middle class, or poor, or no family, to attain a college degree or excellent technical education while incurring little or no debt. That is no longer possible, except for the very wealthy, and a few rare exceptions. Young people starting out today are facing personal debt of hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to acquire a formal higher education! That is wrong! We are becoming a nation divided into an inherited aristocracy and those consigned to an inadequate education or indentured servitude as the price for an education. All are now being conditioned to greed and carelessness of generations preceding or following them. Many young people and the future of our economy, our society and our culture are being crippled. Full education for all is an essential part of the American Dream.

Instead of that misdirection and derailing of the American dream into which we have been misled, the important responsibility of each generation is to provide the best, complete public education possible to each and every member of succeeding generations. That should and must be the proud and crowning legacy each generation of Americans passes on to the next. It should be our bond, our heritage, our faith and hope in the future, our gift to those coming after us.

Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schoolshttp://www.excellentschools.org

Support Excellence in Public Safety services. Defend Wisconsin family farms, natural resources, businesses, workers, and families from the ravages of “free” trade, and from the excessive unnecessary costs of negligent health care administration and of legalized bribery.
Protect wildlife habitat and the environment, clean air and water, and initiate and cooperate with global and national efforts to reduce and reverse adverse climate change and pollution.
Protect and defend the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights including the the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and to be free of unwarranted search and seizure without due process.

Marketplace values belong in the market place. But they cannot control life decisions, the future, and public policy. Nor can they trump moral and ethical values.
In the United States of America, there is no state religion. Your religious beliefs are your unquestioned right. But they cannot be imposed on others.

Vote Independent Nov. 4. Clyde Winter for state senate district 20 – Choice for A Change.


During the 2007-2008 legislative session, Senator Glenn Grothman was one of only:

one; Grothman was the lowest rated state senator according to the Wisconsin Professional Police Association which rated him worst in the senate.

two state senators who had the very worst voting records on all Senate bills endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters. Grothman was one of only six senators who voted against the Strong Great Lakes Compact (SB523) in the regular session. He supported weakening amendments and delaying procedures until changing his final vote at the last minute in the Special Session, when passage became inevitable. Grothman was one of the six senators to receive the very lowest rating (14%) from the John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club. Grothman voted against appointment of the DNR Secretary by the Natural Resources Board, rather than the Governor, opposite to the vote urged by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (SB 15).

three senators with the worst lifetime voting records on bills important to Wisconsin working families, as tracked by the AFL-CIO. Grothman cast the only vote in the senate against a bill agreed upon by the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council to increase maximum benefits by merely eight dollars in 2009, following no increase in 2008. The only vote that was cast by Grothman in the last session that was approved by the Wisconsin Labor Council was on a bill that passed unanimously. See “Voting Records” of all state senators and members of the assembly.

five state senate “Public Enemies” of good governance reform bills as rated by the non-partisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. For example, Grothman voted against requiring financial disclosure for phony “issue ads” that are timed and intended to influence election outcomes (SB77). And he voted against the Impartial Justice Bill (SB171) to neutralize the corrupting influence of campaign contributions and phony issue ads on the Supreme Court, and to accomplish election reform that was urged unanimously by all members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

six state senators who voted against the Compassionate Care for Victims of Rape Bill (SB129) Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health.

seven state senators to receive the lowest most recent rating (17%) from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.

eight senators who voted against requiring insurance to cover care for autism (SB178).

– Grothman sponsors a Constitutional Amendment that would require a government approved photo ID to be able to vote (AJR17). Despite media, talk show, and political smoke, no voter fraud that would be prevented by this has been actually found. It will make voting more difficult than it already is for many thousands of eligible but disadvantaged Wisconsin citizens, and will effectively take voting rights away from them.

– Grothman introduced a Constitutional Amendment to abolish affirmative action meant to counter the long lasting effects of discrimination against women and people of color (SJR96). But his proposal would do nothing to end the affirmative action that gives preference to people from wealthy or well-connected families to universities, associations, and positions leading to power and wealth. I’ll vote to end affirmative action for women and people of color if we’ll also end the affirmative action permitted for wealthy aristocrats.

– Grothman voted against Healthy Wisconsin (SB 562) which would provide all citizens with the same health care we currently provide to our legislators, and which would save Wisconsin citizens and businesses more than a billion dollars annually over current health care costs, by eliminating the insurance industry gatekeepers and layers of administrative bureaucracy.

CLYDE WINTER, Independent – CHOICE for A CHANGE – state senate dist. 20

If you would like to participate in this historic grassroots campaign in the 20th Senate District, by helping with your efforts, skills, and/or contributions, post a comment here and now, or call 414-254-7812. (Any offers of help will NOT appear or be published on the blog. I will reply directly and personally, only to you.)

This campaign will absolutely depend on volunteer help from people who are glad we finally have “A Choice for A Change” here, and who like the choice for change this campaign represents. This truly Independent campaign depends solely and entirely on individual human beings, like you and me. The two major parties are (shall we say?) “unable” to offer any assistance, and you can bet that no corporations will invest in the expectation of subsequent access and influence should the only and first Independent state senator be elected by the people to replace an incumbent from one of the grid-locked major parties. As far as the media getting the word out? … Don’t hold your breath, my friend. It’s up to you, me, and the lamp post to spread the word.

… This government, of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish …


  1. Thanks for this excellent capsule, Clyde. It is good to see so many of the races in Wisconsin are being challenged. One could almost say that whoever is in office now ought to be tossed and the new guy certainly has to be better. Perhaps not 100%, but that it’s anything at all ought to be very embarrassing to the current regime.

    Jack Lohman

    Comment by MoneyedPoliticians — August 8, 2008 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

  2. Kudos, Clyde. Your candidacy offers the change we need. Your essays on such a wide range of subjects are excellent examples of your thorough research and rational thinking. Such are the qualities we need in our State Senator. Best wishes for a successful campaign.
    Dale Landis

    Comment by Dale Landis — August 10, 2008 @ 9:34 pm | Reply

  3. Clyde,

    Would love to support your campaign against Glen. Have a few ideas..send email and we can discuss.


    PS – Will you be at the Oz Dem’s on Tues 8/19/2008?

    Comment by Tom Martin — August 16, 2008 @ 6:35 am | Reply

  4. Clyde,

    How does one get a few bucks to your campaign?

    Comment by Lyle and Dianne — September 15, 2008 @ 11:42 am | Reply

  5. i was just curious if you had any yard signs. my cousin and i would both like one if you do.
    thank you.

    Comment by Kelly — September 25, 2008 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

  6. Clyde, it was a pleasure having a few minutes to talk to you tonight … as you passed out brochures. I appreciate your approach in your brochure, although I would admittedly support just about anyone or anything with a pulse campaigning against Grothman. Please also drop me a note to let me know how I can contribute financially and show support with a yard sign or something.

    Although my vote is secured, I look forward to learning more about you – hopefully in your capacity in the State Senate.


    Comment by Chris — October 1, 2008 @ 7:09 pm | Reply

  7. […] is Clyde Winter, the author of this blog. The lack of any mention in the Shepherd Express of the issues and of this historic 20th senate district challenge by a progressive Independent exposes the S-Express top management as a major party partisan. […]

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