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October 26, 2008

Choice for a Change – a Change that is Necessary

For the first time in a very long time – several generations, at least – we will have more than one name on the general election ballot in Ozaukee and Washington counties (for state Senate district 20 as well as Assembly districts 58 and 60, and for state Senate district 8 as well as Assembly districts 23 and 24). When there is only one name on the ballot, and no viable challenge, decade after decade, the legislators doesn’t have to worry about how you and I are going to vote. And if they don’t have to worry about how we’re going to vote, the only thing left for them to worry about is how the corporate donors, lobbyists, and anonymous ad sponsors with a grasp on their party, expect them to act in office. That does not give us government of, by, and for the people. That imposes on us a government by and for corporations and lobbyists.

That sort of government, both in Madison and Washington, has burdened us with the greatest transfer of wealth in history, from the middle class and the working poor, to the super-rich and the mega-corporations. We have just witnessed the astounding specter of many of “our” elected representatives, and “our” President, telling us there is no time to lose looking at the details of their bailout plan. Many of these “public servants” said the people must immediately post bail for the inordinately wealthy criminals and selfish incompetents who have just robbed us (and future generations) blind, and rudely shoved the world economy up to and maybe over the edge to oblivion.

This is corporate welfare, a protection racket, and socialism for the super-rich, while the long ago discredited principles of sink-or-swim laissez-faire capitalism are applied to the rest of us. This is because “our” elected officials, and the two major parties that control almost all of them, are owned (or unduly influenced, if you prefer) by big money “benefactors” and the lobbyists who promote their interests. The rich and powerful expect their profits to be privatized and sheltered from taxes, while they expect their losses to be socialized – paid for by the people.

A government that is truly of, by, and for the people would have immediately focused on recovering the loot, protecting the people on Elm Street from the consequences of this massive larceny, and issuing indictments and subpoenas. More to the point, such a government of, by, and for the people would not have thrown open the door to such larceny in the first place. It is now crystal-clear that more de-regulation is not the answer. Neither is heaping on ill-conceived regulations. We need better regulation, with strong enforcement, to protect the economy, the people, and the future.

The people, local municipalities, states, and the federal government are engulfed in a growing trickle-down flood of the consequences of bad decisions and irresponsible management. The current financial meltdown is only the latest and worst consequence of a series of larcenous scams followed by taxpayer bailouts, beginning in the 1980s, which make sensible planning all but impossible at all levels of government, including our households.

I am running against the wind as an Independent to represent state senate district 20. As an Independent, no political parties, no corporate donors, and no lobbyists, have undue influence.

There are issues before our Wisconsin legislature (in the form of introduced bills) that are extremely important to working people and families. Issues like ending the health care crisis, protecting and strengthening and passing on the legacy of our universal public education system, reversing the burden of higher taxes accompanying diminished essential and beneficial services, and handing a planet whose land, water, air, diversity, and beauty are protected for generations yet to come. There is a great deal of misinformation, heavily financed propaganda, red-herring distraction, and myth surrounding these issues, all of which are impeding our way to sound solutions. These are issues about which I, and the entrenched incumbent, have clearly distinct and differing assessments and stands.

See more about these issues, and how I assess them by clicking on the hyperlink in this sentence.

Vote for Clyde Winter, Independent, for State Senate District 20 on November 4, 2008.

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